To all Portuguese who disagree with mediocrity, indifference and poverty

Translator: José Patrício
Revision of Carla de Almeida
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Backstage Secrets


Desperately concerned with what is taking place in Portugal, a country I love more than myself, I am forced to scream out, to express my pain and revolt, regardless of the consequences. Cost what it may.

Despite being offered an incalculable small fortune by my children's God Father, the American Capitalist Edwin Budge Mead, I refused to exchange my country for another. Edwin's intentions were that I became heir to his fortune in exchange for becoming an American citizen.

And all this for what? Because I had helped his mothers in Santiago do Cacém. She wanted me to go to the United States.

Despite his tempting offer, and his consecutive three year visits in an attempt to persuade me to change my mind, I never accepted as my love for Portugal was stronger than any reachable wealth, even though they state that in 1965, 66, 67, it was running under dictatorship.

For that very reason, and because the years pass by quicker than we would like them to, I have to show my indignation for what currently is taking place in Portugal. It is for this reason that I'm revealing some small secrets of this small minded political system we have reached, which was received with open arms after a military pronouncement.

The revelations I am about to make were not programmed for the present moment, and maybe they never will come to light, just as others which will be forgotten or reserved in a month of Sundays.

The present situation in Portugal does not allow us to keep secrets. It's as if we have reached the doomsday, where by each person screams out not only his sins, but his deepest sufferings too, allowing his country to survive after making its catharsis.

I lost respect for men.

I didn't lose my love for Portugal.


Since becoming democratic, the most serious of governor's crime's has been their insistence on maintaining the People in unrestrained ignorance.

The culprits were always the ones that ungoverned before. It's always the same story. Everyone blames each other.

The Portuguese need not find excuses. Their intelligence, their labour capacity, their imagination and sensibility are enough for not having to find excuses. It's sufficient to work, to concentrate on the tasks that are allocated to them. Wealth and prosperity will be the fruits of their quality.

What the Portuguese just can't seem to resist is intrigue and bad mouthing they will immediately hesitate on the first criticism that they becomes aware of. It is a mistake that must be corrected and one that we must all fight against. In the weekly publication "Province" I already attempted to burn these nuisance's down, right at the very beginning of the distressed revolution that we didn't manage get to take off the initial brutalization.

The only institution that works in Portugal is the sharp tongues.

Never did anybody attempt in this country to do whatever without immediately uplifting a wave of mordacity.

Through the world of Christ, one lets govern who governs and allows work those who wish. In Portugal that goal still has not been achieved. Realistically speaking serious, frontal and critical intelligence is used when necessary, but only when it is necessary.

In Portugal, one fawns upon, insults and defames whatever service is offered or received. It's the incompetence of a country where many are not willing to work and many others don't know how to.

The Government will have one of two routes to choice from: the past route, via Salazar, forcing a clampdown, silencing the imbecile.

The other solution is to turn a death ear to those that don't deserve order or attention.

Whatever the slanderous strategy maybe, one must continue down the path of decision making, of reconstruction, and of national revival which all in turn prove indispensable to a country for all those who have the pleasure of living in it.

What is vital is to allow others to feel free, to be masters of their own initiative, of their imagination, of their job activities and not disable them with small displeasures as they are the men and women that can and should transform Portugal.

This in no way means that critics should not exist or that they should necessarily be benevolent or dysfunctional.

This doesn't mean that we cannot use the utmost severity before the pseudo democratic and the political cheaters that use the naïve freedom of the democracies in order to annihilating without pity nor mercy and for ever and ever.

I'll give you a few examples.

One of the Country's most intelligent figures, Dr. Almeida Santos, meanwhile was unlucky to hear the rumours, the backstabbing and the whispers. Not tolerating the defamation, he carried on his work, made laws, and drove the Republic Assembly, becoming Mário Soares' biggest supportative figure. I am sure that, without Almeida Santos, Soares wouldn't have managed to take the boat to a sound port, gaining so much support on the left and on the right as he did, he who was prone to lapses.

Almeida Santos faded, he did not become Prime minister, nor did he become President of the Republic. He suffocated under the weight of the back stabbers. I, who am a centralist of all quadrants, am sorry. I bet on this socialist.

I recall Doctor Antonio Arnaut who desperate due to all the obstructions placed on National Health Welfare and facing up to his resistance was on the verge of quitting. I paid him a visit, encouraging him to continue. Astounded he looked at me

But, Cunha Simões your Party is against.

What does it matter?

The public welfare is good for the Portuguese. You cannot give up.

It continues...